Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stay tune for more...


A preview of upcoming creations uploads... stay tune for more... :p

Bryana- Sold


I suppose we all wanted to break free from the constraints of the society at one point or another, and this is the theme for my creation of the necklace. (Pardon me for the bad photo taken, was kind of rusty in my photo-taking skills). It also took me quite a while to align the mauve beads in a perfect flower shape as the focal point of this creation.

Created using Swarovski crystals, glass beads in mysterious mauve/cream white, and adorable swallow component in matt silver tone, this piece shows a subtle yet powerful statement on freedom and being one's original self. :)

Available exclusively at HAKO AMK.

Zara- Available exclusively at HAKO AMK


Featuring faceted aqua-blue tear-like beads and cream white glass pearls beads, this pair reminds me of the romantic mermaid fairy tale that I use to hear when I was little.
Available exclusively at HAKO AMK.

Helene- Available exclusively at HAKO AMK

Here's my latest creation after a hiatus of two years- Helene.

Crafted with beautiful floral print glass bead, imported filigree component from Japan, baby pink beads and glass pearls. A great pair to go along with a floral dress on a lovely date.
Available exclusively at HAKO AMK.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

We have a shopfront now (or sort of...) :p

Hi all,

I am very excited to announce that our accessories are now located at AMK Hub HAKO outlet on level 2, next to Mini Toons. Locker number is AM33C.

Please drop by if you are within the vicinity and check out the very special rates offered!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Roadshow at ITE East College, Singapore (10th May to 11th May 2011)


Hi guys, for the first time, I am bringing out my stuff for sale outside my blogshop!~

Really excited and looking forward towards the event. There's gonna be a great sale and loads of discounts given for purchases made on the event itself. Oh, by the way, I am participating for 2 days, from 10th May to 11th May 2011, 9am to 5pm.

Do check out my stall if you are within the vicinity... Hope to see you there!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Freedom- Sold

Break free and fly away with this pair of earrings! Crafted with innocent-white polymer flowers, creamy white and gold peals and imported rare bird-shaped filigree. Absolutely adore these cute dainty birds, they make you feel light hearted just by looking at them. :)
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